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Electric Scooter Price in Mumbai: 10 Must-Knows Before You Buy!

The streets of Mumbai are teeming with a new wave of transportation: electric scooters, with the Chetak electric scooter leading the charge. Priced at ₹1,62,456, the Chetak stands out in the electric vehicle landscape of Mumbai, offering a sleek blend of heritage charm and cutting-edge functionality. This price point serves as a benchmark for its high-end features, robust build, and the brand's commitment to sustainable commuting.

For those considering the switch to electric, it's essential to delve into the factors that contribute to the electric scooter price in Mumbai. In the following discussion, we'll walk you through the top 10 considerations that define Chetak's market value, giving you a clear roadmap for what to expect when you step into the future of urban mobility.


10 Things You Must Know About Electric Scooter Price in Mumbai

  1. Battery Life and Range

    A significant factor that influences the electric scooter price in Mumbai is the battery life and range. Chetak is powered by a robust 50.4 V/24 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, promising an admirable range of approximately 90 kilometres. Such efficiency in range is a key determinant in the pricing strategy, offering Mumbai commuters a reliable daily transport solution.

  2. Charging Convenience

    When considering the electric scooter price in Mumbai, the ease of charging is a game-changer. Chetak's compatibility with a standard 220V, 5A, 50 Hz AC power source means you can charge it overnight and be ready to zip through the city the next day. This feature adds to its urban appeal and influences its market price.

  3. Top Speed and Performance

    Performance metrics, such as top speed, play into the electric scooter price in Mumbai. Chetak’s ability to reach a top speed of 63 km/h, paired with its single-speed transmission, provides a balance between efficiency and speed, which is critical for Mumbai’s fast-paced lifestyle.

  4. Design and Durability

    Durability combined with style can affect the electric scooter price in Mumbai. The Chetak’s sleek steel body and LED headlamps resonate with the aesthetic and practical demands of Mumbaikars, contributing to its cost-effectiveness and popularity.

  5. Safety Features

    The comprehensive safety features of the Chetak also reflects in the electric scooter price in Mumbai. From its advanced lithium-ion battery to the onboard charger with safety measures like automatic earth detection and broken neutral detection, Chetak prioritises rider safety, justifying its price point.

  6. Smart Connectivity

    Smart connectivity is a modern necessity, and its integration within Chetak impacts the electric scooter price in Mumbai. Features such as the My Chetak app compatibility and 4G telematics system for OTA updates offer a seamless and futuristic riding experience, appealing to tech-savvy consumers in Mumbai.

  7. Riding Modes

    Customisability in riding experience is yet another factor in determining the electric scooter price in Mumbai. Chetak offers multiple riding modes, including Eco and Sport, providing riders with the option to optimise performance or maximise range, thus enhancing its value proposition in Mumbai's diverse commuting conditions.

  8. Comfort and Suspension

    Ride comfort is non-negotiable, especially on Mumbai’s roads. Resultantly, Chetak’s suspension system is designed for comfort, with an offset steering column and gas emulsion-type rear shock absorber, ensuring a smooth ride across the city.

  9. Storage Capacity

    The practicality of storage space is crucial, and Chetak understands this, offering under-seat storage of 18 litres and a glove box of 4 litres. This utility aspect is factored into the electric scooter price in Mumbai, where convenience is as valuable as performance.

  10. After-Sales Service and Warranty

    Lastly, the after-sales service and warranty contribute to the electric scooter price in Mumbai. Chetak’s promise of reliable service and warranty terms provides peace of mind, adding to its allure and the overall cost in the Mumbai market.

Wrapping Up

With its robust build, advanced features, and impressive performance, the Chetak is a solid choice for those considering an electric scooter in Mumbai. It combines traditional design and modern technology, offering a reliable and stylish way to navigate the city.

With the electric scooter price in Mumbai becoming increasingly competitive, now is a great time to consider going electric. Book a test ride today to experience the Chetak's blend of elegance and efficiency.

Embrace the future of mobility with Chetak, where every ride is a step towards a greener, smarter, and more connected Mumbai.

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