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Looking for Best Electric Scooter Price in Bangalore? Consider These Factors First!

Are you eyeing an electric scooter? Well, that’s a smart move for someone who lives in a city like Bangalore! A study authored by Saad Khan, Spurthi Ravuri, and Thirumalai N C projected that on-road automobile stock in the city is expected to elevate by 1.5 times, with a projected increase in total vehicular population from 5.7 million to 8.9 million by 2030.

The study also claimed that the city’s electric vehicle fleet is projected to grow from 75,000 to 2.34 million by 2030, with the most significant increase in the number of two-wheelers.
Before you buy one, let’s talk about the factors influencing the electric scooter price in Bangalore and how our Chetak offers the best rides across India.


Understanding the Price Tag

You can get our Chetak with an electric scooter price in Bangalore of ₹1,15,000 approximately. But hold up, it’s not just about the digits. There’s a lot more cooking behind this price tag.

It is important to note that the electric scooter price in Bangalore may vary, depending on the brand you choose, along with the features available. If you want to ensure you get the most suitable electric scooter price in Bangalore, consider an array of factors before finalising.

What Factors are Affecting Electric Scooter Price in Bangalore?

With the Chetak electric scooter, you can ensure a smooth – thudproof ride. Take a look at these amazing features you get when you pay the electric scooter price in Bangalore:

  1. Battery Quality

    Battery is the heart of an electric scooter. It’s like the fuel tank in a gas-powered ride but way fancier. Chetak employs a top-notch lithium-ion battery of 50.4 V and 57.24 Ah, with an aux battery of 12V and 3 Ah VRLA. These robust batteries will keep you rolling for miles without stopping for a recharge every other hour. Scooters with these batteries promise a good range, especially for Bangalore’s unpredictable traffic jams.

  2. Motor Power

    Let us talk about the muscle of the electric scooters – the motor. It is what puts the “vroom” in your ride. A powerful motor means better acceleration and a smoother ride. You get a 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor with a Chetak electric scooter, suiting your commuting needs in Bangalore’s bustling streets.

  3. Build Quality and Features

    Chetak comes with a solid metal body with every electrical component rated IP67. Think of this as the bling factor. You get an electric scooter loaded with amazing features — fancy displays, smart connectivity, anti-theft features, and many more. With a great electric scooter price in Bangalore, Chetak offers a fine blend of flashy features and solid build quality.

Tailoring Your Choice to Bangalore

So, how does Bangalore fit into this electric scooter puzzle? Well, it’s a city that’s a mix of serene tree-lined streets and the infamous traffic snarls. Here’s what to consider to get the best electric scooter price in Bangalore:

  1. Range Anxiety? Consider This!

    Bangalore’s traffic can be a real mood-killer, right? Opt for electric scooters with good battery range. You don’t want to be stuck in Silk Board traffic, eyeing that last battery bar blinking at you menacingly. Chetak offers a battery capacity of 2.9 kWh with a top speed of 63km/h.

  2. Manoeuvrability Matters

    With narrow lanes and sudden turns, an electric scooter that’s light and easy to handle can be a blessing in disguise. Dodging those potholes with grace will earn you some serious street cred.

  3. Charging Stations Galore

    Bangalore’s getting all tech-savvy with an increasing number of charging stations across the city. Chetak electric scooter plays nice with these stations and is one that can be charged at home hassle-free. You also get an on-board charger, which reduces the need to carry a big battery. You can now charge your electric scooters on the go.

Snag the Greatest Deals on Electric Scooter Price in Bangalore

We’ve covered quite a bit, haven’t we? Remember, when you’re on the hunt for an electric scooter in Bangalore, it’s not just about the price tag. Make sure you factor in the battery, motor power, build quality, and how well it suits Bangalore’s unique vibe.

Chetak brings you the best feature-packed two-wheeler with the best electric scooter price in Bangalore. This scooter stands out among the best electric scooters in India thanks to its classic design, comfortable ride, and good performance. Additionally, with its water resistance feature and metal body, you get a scooter that provides durability and protection against harsh weather conditions. You also get smart connectivity with our Chetak app, which offers you a range of features and information to enhance your experience.

So, go ahead and explore these electric scooters, and zip through the city streets with that eco-friendly swagger!

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