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9 Features of the Top Electric Scooters

Recently, more and more people who ride two-wheelers have started leaning towards electric versions. Do you know why? Well, it's simple! Electric two-wheelers have become a hit for two key reasons: they are eco-friendly and a super convenient mode of transportation.

As the world increasingly cares about the environment, there's a greater demand for cleaner ways to travel. That's where electric scooters come in handy. Moreover, among the wide range of electric two-wheelers out there, the Chetak electric scooter is turning heads for all the right reasons. Let's see what makes this scooter a top favourite for riders.


What Makes Chetak Stand Out?

The old-school Chetak's legacy is remembered as a symbol of a time when scooters were all about simplicity and practicality. They are a memorable part of the Indian urban landscape. Therefore, to keep that spirit alive, the Chetak electric scooter has been launched in the market. It beautifully addresses the needs of modern-day commuters by relying on sustainable practices.
Here are some of the top features that make this electric scooter one of the best in all.

  1. Intelligent Connectivity

    Nowadays, technology is merging with every industry worldwide, and Chetak has all the smart features that take connectivity to the next level. It comes equipped with a fully digital instrument cluster that provides essential information at a glance.
    Moreover, the scooter can be connected to a dedicated mobile app via Bluetooth, allowing you to access real-time data. It can locate your scooter and even receive over-the-air updates to improve performance and functionality.

  2. Iconic Design

    One of the first things about the Chetak electric scooter that will catch your attention is its timeless and iconic design. It is inspired by the classic Chetak scooter, which was a favourite among riders for decades.
    This electric version of the scooter combines retro charm with modern aesthetics. With its elegant curves, high-quality finishes, and attention to detail, this scooter is a head-turner on the streets.

  3. Environmentally Friendly

    Another reason for the immense popularity of electric scooters is their eco-friendliness. The Chetak electric scooter takes this commitment to the environment seriously. It produces zero tailpipe emissions, helping reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
    Moreover, its compact yet powerful 2.9 kWh battery also contributes to a cleaner and greener future by offering a 108km range.

  4. Comfortable Ride

    Commuting can be hassle-free with the Chetak electric scooter. It offers a comfortable solution with its ergonomically designed seats. They not only provide ample cushioning but also great support for long rides.
    The scooter's suspension system is tuned to absorb bumps and vibrations, delivering a smooth and comfortable ride on various road surfaces. Whether you're navigating city streets or exploring the countryside, you'll appreciate the riding experience.

  5. Long-Lasting Battery

    The battery is one of the major components of any electric scooter, as it helps power the vehicle. The Chetak comes equipped with a high-performance 2.9 kWh battery that offers an impressive range.
    After charging it once, the scooter will enable you to travel long distances without worrying about running out of power. Moreover, the battery is designed to last, ensuring that you get years of reliable performance.

  6. High-Quality Build and Materials

    Durability and quality are two of the top priorities when it comes to choosing a reliable electric scooter. With a robust build and flush-fitted exteriors, Chetak undergoes multiple quality assurance tests to ensure that it is thud-proof.
    Moreover, it is also built with spillproof IP67-certified material, which ensures minimal moisture-related damage.

  7. Powerful Electric Motor

    The Chetak electric scooter’s 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor delivers instant torque. This allows the scooter to accelerate swiftly, making it ideal for urban commuting.
    Whether you need to zip through city traffic or cruise along scenic routes, Chetak ensures a responsive and enjoyable ride.

  8. Convenient Charging

    Charging an electric scooter should be hassle-free, and the Chetak ensures that it is. It comes with a portable charger and has a standard 5A adapter that can be easily connected to any electrical outlet. You can charge the scooter at home, at work, or at any public charging station within 5 hours.
    After charging it once, the scooter can run upto 108kms, making it a convenient choice for daily use. The fast-charging capability ensures that you can top up the battery quickly when needed.

  9. Exceptional Safety Features

    Last but not least, safety is a top priority, and the Chetak comes loaded with a host of essential safety features, including an anti-theft system. The scooter also features LED lighting that enhances visibility, ensuring that you remain safe while riding day or night.
    Moreover, it comes with an advanced combined parking brake system, which includes the front and rear drum brakes.

Chetak: A Traditionally Modern Electric Scooter

The Chetak electric scooter is a remarkable choice for anyone looking to opt for a cleaner and more sustainable mode of transportation. With its iconic design, Chetak offers a comfortable and convenient commuting experience while reducing emissions. Its commitment to safety and quality ensures that you get a scooter that is not only stylish but also reliable and safe.

So, if you're in the market for an electric scooter – Chetak should be at the top of your list. It highlights the best of both worlds – classic charm and modern technology. Visit our showroom to learn more about this exceptional electric scooter and take the first step towards a greener and more enjoyable commute.

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