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Path - Bajaj Chetak
Speed - Bajaj Chetak
63 kmph
Top Speed
Time - Bajaj Chetak
4 hrs
Charging Time

*As per WMTC certification by Thailand Automotive Institute

Built to last - Bajaj Chetak Built to last mobile - Bajaj Chetak

Intelligent Battery

The Chetak uses an intelligent lithium-ion battery, which protects itself from overcharging and manages current fluctuations. The in-built intelligence also helps in getting the best performance based on your riding style, road conditions and environmental parameters.

IP67 Dust & Water Proofing

Your Chetak comes with an international standard IP 67 dust and water-proof protection rating. This means, you can ride it in the rain and tackle water-filled potholes, without any worry.

Solid Steel Body

The full-steel body frame in the Chetak ensures maximum strength in case of accidental impacts. It also cuts out the rattling sound when you ride on bumpy surfaces

Premium ride feel - Bajaj Chetak Premium ride feel mobile - Bajaj Chetak

Hub Mounted Gear Drive

The Chetak has no belts or chains. A direct drive gear box, from the electric motor to the wheels, ensures maintenance-free operation, while providing the highest possible efficiency in drive and regeneration.

Premium Classy Looks

There are no visible nuts and bolts in the Chetak. All you see is the premium-looking painted surface with tight joints

Superior Build Quality

The combination of low centre-of-gravity, large 12-inch alloy wheels and central placement of the battery ensures that the Chetak provides a stable and balanced ride.

Advanced Technology - Bajaj Chetak Advanced Technology mobile - Bajaj Chetak

Real Time Connectivity

The Chetak has its own mobile phone app for Apple and Android devices. The MyChetak app keeps you connected with your vehicle and helps you to track its charging status, location and health status. The app will also alert you in case of a fall or an unauthorized movement of your vehicle.

Over the Air Updates

Over The Air updates enable your Chetak to be future-ready with the latest software updates. These software updates with feature-additions or improvements can be easily accessed from anywhere, while your Chetak is charging.

Lasting Battery Performance

The lithium-ion battery is enclosed within a metal frame. This protects the battery from damage or theft. A smart air-flow is created by the two fans that cool the lithiumion battery. It not only keeps the battery cool in all-weather conditions, but also ensures a longer life. The lithium-ion battery is designed to last long and comes with a best-in-class warranty. The auxiliary led acid-gel battery is used for switches etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chetak is offered in four different colors - Hazelnut (Brown), Velluto Russo (Red), Indigo Metallic (Blue), and Brooklyn (Black).
Chetak offers 3 ride modes. 2 Forward - Eco and Sports and 1 Reverse. In Eco Mode, the Chetak automatically detects your need for extra power and can switch to Sports mode and then back to Eco Mode. The Reverse mode allows you to gracefully back out of parking slots.
The Chetak has a range of 90 km+. The range obtained by a user shall depend on factors such as: SOH of battery, road and traffic conditions, changes in elevation, tyre condition and inflation, riding style, load on the vehicle, use of electrical accessories such as lamps and horn and mobile phone charging etc.
You may use any normal 230V, 5A, 3 pin earthed socket to Charge your Chetak with the provided Chetak charging cable and pin adapter.
Chetak is a connected vehicle app on google play store and apple store for smartphone users, which provides near real time status on vehicle battery / range, historical information on recent trips, SMS / System alerts, map-based navigation to reach from your current location to vehicle, Riding tips etc. among other features. Chetak app can be used by all Chetak owners and their emergency / family contacts to keep connected to vehicle from anywhere anytime.
During a delivery of Chetak, dealership team shall guide you with process to download, install and pair chetak app with your vehicle. Alternately, you can visit Google Play store or Apple store to search, download and install “Chetak” app. For any help, please reach out to your Chetak dealership.

- Auto-Switching: In Eco Mode, the Chetak automatically detects your need for extra power and can switch to Sports mode and then back to Eco Mode.

- User can switch between ECO to Sports manually also

0~80% - 2 Hours 45 minutes at 230 V supply from Onboard charger fitted within vehicle
3 Years / 30K KM whichever is earlier
1st Service @ 1000KM & subsequent service @ 5000KM Each
We have tie-up with RSA for towing facility
Intelligent Battery Management System integrated within Traction Battery along with Cooling Fan will provide adequate protection for temperature, voltage, current & battery concerns for each charge & discharge
Chetak is protected with IP67 rating components for the complete protection against dust & water
Chetak lithium-ion battery is designed for a target life equivalent to 70,000 Kms on Chetak vehicle

It will detect the Chetak

- @ 30 M by blinking sequential rear indicator on a click on Key Button

- @ 1.5 M to start the vehicle.

Vehicle is enabled with Anti-theft facility which is embedded with supervisory control unit to detect the vehicle key for allowing the vehicle to start

4.2 KW

If vehicle is stopped on gradient, then Hill assist feature will hold the vehicle for 3 seconds


- Vehicle will get off in case of accident

- Vehicle will not go in drive mode when it is on side stand/main stand

- Vehicle will not go in drive/reverse mode unless you press the brake

Frequently Asked Questions - Bajaj Chetak